There are many ways of using the status you gain from being Professional Indie to increase your sales. Being Professional Indie not only increases your exposure and credibility, it increases reader confidence that they’re doing the right thing by placing your book into their cart. Letting them know you’re backed by an organization guaranteeing he excellent quality of your work will directly increase your sales figures. during purchases, and help you make sales, and they all start with letting people know you’re a Professional Indie. We provide a selection of banners and badges appropriate for different uses such as book covers (front or back), internal pages, websites, social media, etc. You may also simply talk about your relationship to Professional Indie anywhere you think it’s applicable. In the immediate future, we really believe the impact that letting people know you’re “Professional Indie” is going to become larger and larger quite quickly. So, you should leverage the fact everywhere you think it can help improve your exposure, credibility, and, ultimately, sales. Such places might be (but certainly are not limited to): Amazon (and other sale sites) blurbs, Author Central, Goodreads (and other book sites), WattPad, Facebook, Fan Pages, Twitter, Pinterest, and all other social media, blog interviews, your web page, your newsletter, even on those bookmarks you hand out at conferences and readings. Letting people know you are Professional Indie is letting them know that you’re not a “self-published” author. You’re a “professional author,” working at the same professional level as everyone else.

To download banner and badge artwork, see: Promotional Badges and Banners.

Restrictions, Site Links, and Citations

When describing your affiliation with Professional Indie, you may such things as: “I’m a professional Indie author (or editor or producer, et al.)” or “I’m Professional Indie” or “I’m part of Professional Indie” or “I’m a member of professional indie” or any “reasonable” alternative, providing it stays within the realm of tying you and, by extension, your work to us and our approval of the quality you and such work is being done at. You may not use “professional Indie,” its logos, its banners, or any other reference to Professional Indie in any way that suggests any sort of relationship between Professional Indie and any product not “story-related” and directly created by yourself or in any way that suggests a connection, support, or endorsement of any viewpoints or philosophies outside of the quality of your published literary work.

If you reference Professional Indie anywhere in printed material (such as hardcover books, trade paperback books, etc.) you must include our web address in at least one place in the product with an explanation as to who we are. For instance, on your copyright page you might include a line such as:

Gary Gray is a Professional Indie author.

If you reference Professional Indie in electronic format, such as in an eBook or a newsletter or on your webpage or your social media, etc., at least the first reference should be hypertext linked to

Banners and badges used electronically must always be hot linked to