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We’re all here because we want to be different. Nowadays, anyone can publish, but precious few try to do it properly. We maintain a certain level of quality that separates us from the other “self-published” writers and garners the respect of the industry. Don’t be just another indie publisher. Be different. Be better. Be Professional Indie.

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We’re made up of authors, editors, artists, designers, bloggers, and readers aiming for the same goals and helping each other get there. That makes us a huge source of resources. Need help on something? Just ask. Or maybe you’ll find the answers somewhere in our Freedom Library, where you”ll find useful books available to download at absolutely no cost.

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Check out our beta reader program where you can find first readers waiting to read your pre-released work, allowing you to get early reviews. Our Kindle All-Stars program alone could launch your career overnight. Through our Blogger Bites, bloggers (and anyone really) have access to free content that can be easily branded for your own blog and website.

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